Hunan Xeno Life Science Incorporated Company (XLS, 836907) was established in Changsha, Hunan in March, 2008. Our main business scope is to research, develop and produce cell xenotransplantation products, we have a high-level research team including 27 staffs (6 staffs with PhD. research background and all staffs with biomedical research background), and the XLS is a Joint Lab of the Hunan Technique Research Center for xenotransplantation engineering, which includes DPF Donor Pig Breeding Center for xenotransplantation, Cell Resource Bank, Research Lab and a Specialist Hospital for diabetes. Moreover, we partnered with the Cell Transplantation and Gene Therapy Research Institute of Central South University in xenotransplantation field.


•(WHO) ‘Related Norms’ •The control requirements of exogenous pathogens •Basic conditions for the relevant departments engaged in xenotransplantation •Potential hazards of endogenous retroviruses •Xeno Life biomedical donor pigs of high biological safety •Hospital with standardized xenotransplantation experience


Professor Wang Wei

Professor Wang Wei: Director of the Institute of cell transplantation and gene therapy of Central South University, doctoral tutor, chairman of the Ea...

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Domestic Rsources of Xen...

As Xeno Life related clinical application of xenogeneic cells products base in the Third Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, with the leadin...

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International Resources ...

Xeno Life has first-class international biological resources, chairman and former Nobel Medicine Prize Committee World Transplant Association Presiden...

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The XLS mastered all related techniques of islet transplantation, such as the techniques of islet separation and purification (including islet separation and purification techniques of rat, pig, monkey and human), islet viability and function assessment in vivo and in vitro.


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